Hey I'm Foxy

I'm a lvl 19 femboy fox who is passionate about coding with my favorite programming languages, playing fun and interesting video games, cooking japanese ramen and some other good meals and watching some popular anime. As I already said, I'm a fullstack developer. I mainly work with TypeScript at work and a few different frontend frameworks like Svelte and React. For my own projects I mostly use Rust and TypeScript.

My Skills

I have many different skills which you can look at here. If you want to know how good I am with a specific technology or tool then that's the place to look for as I try to list everything on there.

Games I play

There are a lot of games I play or have played in the past. Some of the ones I will always return to at some point are Factorio and MineCraft. If I caught your interest and you would like to know what other games I play you can look at all the games I own on steam here.

My setup

I own a lot of different tech, specifically in the computer and laptop sector of hardware. I own a 17 inch Dell XPS with an 11th gen Intel CPU inside I barely use anymore, a MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro chip I use for coding and a desktop pc for gaming. More details on the software looks and specs of my desktop here.

Anime I like

I've watched a ton of anime and there's quite a handful I really liked. There's a partial list of the ones I could remember here. All the data for the anime is from Kitsu.io. If you have any recommendations please tell me, I'm always open for new ones to watch.